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Some Unique Gift Ideas To Make Mothers Day Special

May 9, 2019



Some Unique Gift Ideas To Make Mothers Day Special

By: Jim Hutton 


For most of us when Mothers Day rolls around each year, we panic at the last minute and buy the obligatory flowers and card and usually our mom gracefully accepts our half-hearted gesture without much scrutiny. 


We need to be a little more honest with ourselves and really take the time to honor and value our moms with some recognition that reflects the fact that we have actually given some thought to the true meaning of mothers day.


You don't need to spend a lot of money to provide Mom with a gift she will cherish on Mothers day so let's look at some inexpensive ways to pay tribute to our favorite person.


Ideas Children Can Use To Create Fun Gifts For Mom


1. Design your own coupons that Mom can redeem at any time during the year: kids can make their own customized coupons using marker pens and craft paper, each coupon good for a task around the house that Mom can present any time until next Mothers Day. For example coupons could be made for:


Cleaning the Garage

Walking the Dog

Setting the Table

Cleaning Your Room ... P.S. You should be doing this anyway!

Your own ideas, use your imagination and think of tasks your Mom dislikes


2. Make Mom a Homemade Mother's Day Card


Use your artistic talents either on craft paper with colored pencils and crayons or, if you are adept using the computer you can create a card using free clipart to design a unique card that only your own mom can brag about receiving.


3. Make some secret notes that say "I Love You Mom" and hide them in her purse, tape them to her vanity mirror or on the dash of her car ... she will love these thoughtful little surprises as she goes about her daily activities.


4. Depending on the kids ages, Dad might want to help with preparing breakfast in bed for Mom on mothers day morning ... make Moms favorite breakfast and serve it to her with a flower and the good silver on a nice tray. Don't forget that cleaning up the kitchen mess is a crucial part of this gift idea!


5. Well before Mothers Day huddle with Dad and plan a family day out, on or after Mothers Day based on Moms favorite activity. Make it a surprise so Mums the word (in more ways than one) 



Ideas Husbands and Fathers Can Use to Honor Mom on Her Day


1. I know this may sound like crazy talk but on this one day of the year Dad must relinquish control of the television remote control to Mom ... this may be the best gift she ever receives because she knows how much this hurts dear old Dad!


2. On Mothers Day, Dad agrees to take on all of Moms routine errands for the entire week and completes them without complaining.


3. Dad cooks dinner and cleans up, sure the kids can help with this one. Make sure you select a meal that will require no consultation with Mom.



I hope this gives you some new ideas that will allow you to treat Mom like a queen for the day and hey, let's maybe try to expand this type of treatment to more than one day per year ... you know your Mom deserves it!


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